Handcuffed to Freedom

Halfway Houses, Getting Your Rights Restored and More w/ Danny Howe

August 26, 2020

This week we talk to the Emmy Award Winning Danny Howe. No, seriously, he won an Emmy for the story of how his rough childhood led him to prison, and how he turned it around to become an influential and respected voice of our community.


As owner of the Earnest House LLC, we talk about halfway houses and getting your own place to live.


We talk about building credit.

-Youtube video on it: Building your credit after prison


We talk about advocating for yourself.


We talk about how to get your rights restored.

-Danny’s YouTube video on getting your rights restored:


----Forms needed----

Links to form you'll need (for Arizona) -- https://www.azcourts.gov/selfservice c...

For forms in another state, look on your court's website.



I ask him, do you need family support to succeed?


We talk about the power of hustle and starting a side business during Covid.


Danny’s Emmy Award winning story:



Contact him at theearnesthouse@yahoo.com




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