Handcuffed to Freedom

Dealing with Trauma & Shame w/ Wanda Nordlie

September 16, 2020

In 2017, Ms. Nordlie wrote a memoir titled “Power to Heal My Whole Self,” which was listed as an Amazon Best Seller. It fearlessly examines the trauma she experienced traversing the foster care system and how she took healing into her own hands to become a stronger, healthier person. Her work centers around helping others find healing in their lives. That's why she created the workbook, “Provoking Courage, Finding Strength in Vulnerability,” as well as an online course. She helps guide those who have struggled, toward deeper understanding and healing, and leads individuals through the same systematic approach she used in her life. She’s done work with drug and alcohol treatment as well as bringing these insights to those who have been incarcerated.

Power to Heal My Whole Self (Memoir)

Provoking Courage: Finding Strength In Vulnerability (Workbook)

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